Hello, I recently installed the OpenLANE along wit...
# sky130
Hello, I recently installed the OpenLANE along with the PDKs. But I couldn't see Skylane130 pdk in it. Can someone help in installing this, please?
@saicharan0112 What sort of problems are you having? What is your OS? Did you try
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git clone <https://github.com/efabless/openlane.git> --branch v0.12
    cd openlane/
    # Default PDK_ROOT is $(pwd)/pdks. If you want to install the PDK at a differnt location, uncomment the next line.
    #export PDK_ROOT=<absolute path to where skywater-pdk and open_pdks will reside>
    make openlane
    make pdk
    make test # This is to test that the flow and the pdk were properly installed
Have you set PDK_ROOT or are you using the default?
Yeah.. My OS is lubuntu 18.x (Pretty old hardware).. My problem is I couldn't find sky130A PDK under pdks.. I need to have 3 pdk directories inside the main PDK directory. But I couldn't find the above mentioned one.
You ran
make pdk
? I think it deletes and recreates sky130A.
Yes.. I guess
I will try to remove everything and reinstall them...
Hi, @Mitch Bailey I didn't get the new directory after running the list of commands you told, but make test ran successfully.
Thanks @Mitch Bailey. I am successfully using the application. I am now able to run all designs as well. Thanks again for your suggestions.
Congratulations and good luck.