Time for another Weekend Webinar - Welcome to "10B...
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Time for another Weekend Webinar - Welcome to "10Bit DAC using Sky130" 3-Part Webinar series where "Part 1 - Overview of DAC Theory, Circuit and project flow" will happen on "7th May, 6pm to 8pm IST" This session is LIVE and FREE. Fill up below form to receive meeting invitation https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/vsd-intern-free-webinar/ Curriculum - Section 1 - DAC Overview Lecture 1 - Introduction To DAC Project And Applications Lecture 2 - Background And Principle Of Operation Lecture 3 - Reference Voltage Resolution And Linearity Aspects Of DAC Lecture 4 - Monotonicity, Settling Time And Speed Of DAC Section 2 - DAC Specs, Implementation Aspects and Challenges Lecture 1 - DAC Architectures, Applications, Decoding Method And Switching Network Lecture 2 - DAC Non-Linearities And Output Voltage Level Parameters Lecture 3 - DAC Interface Specs And Operating Modes Lecture 4 - DAC DNL and INL Specs Section 3 - 10-bit DAC Implementation strategy Lecture 1 - Fundamental DAC Circuit Lecture 2 - 10-bit DAC Implementation Strategy - Divide And Conquer Lecture 3 - From 2-bit DAC to10-bit DAC Section 4 - Tool Setup steps Lecture 1 - Detailed Steps To Install Latest NGSpice From Scratch Lecture 2 - Detailed Steps To Install And Configure Magic With Sky130 PDKs Lecture 3 - Detailed Steps To Install And Configure Xshem With Sky130PDKs Lecture 4 - Simple Inverter Design Using Xschem And Sky130 MOS Models to confirm tool installations Lecture 5 - Simple Pre-Layout Simulation Steps Using NGSpice Lecture 6 - Conclusion See you in next 24hrs
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