I've received some messages asking how to set to w...
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I've received some messages asking how to set to work the EDA tools, including schematics, layout and simulator. There are several tutorials for each of these tools, but I documented how I installed and configured them in this link: https://ordinary-cough-d7f.notion.site/Installing-Skywater-a2c1dac4ec21430eb25e4116724a94d4 Note 1: I installed the tools in a Ubuntu 21.04. Note 2: Some other people using other linux distros also contributed for this tutorial. Note 3: This tutorial is far from being perfect, but maybe it can help you in some of the steps of the installation. There are some links to other tutorials at the end of the page.
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Very nice. What version of ngspice do you get when installing from the package manager?
When using apt I get ngspice release 34
Also, please be advised that the installation instructions for open_pdks changed, because Tim Ansell (Google) wanted to make it more compatible with package management systems. The
option is no longer valid, and
should be used instead, or don't use the option and take the default install location, which is now
(to get the previous behavior, use
and the installation will go into
). You have
, which is an error (needs a double-dash), but I do not recommend using this option for local installations of open_pdks (it is designed for use on the efabless platform).
Thank you, Mr. Edwards, I just updated this part in the link.
I would not recommend installing all of the standard cell libraries as part of the skywater-pdk "make" process. Each one of them takes several gigabytes of disk space and adds to the make/install time. Usually I just recommend getting the
library, which is the most commonly used, and
because it's the only 3.3V-5V compatible logic library, and let people decide on a per-case basis if they really need the high speed, low power, etc., libraries. It is probably worth warning the reader that the complete skywater-pdk installation with all libraries is around 12GB in size!
The patch file for
in xschem should already be taken care of by open_pdks. I always run xschem by (1) making a directory in my project called "xschem", (2) copying
from the open_pdks install to the xschem/ directory, and (3) copying
to the xschem/ directory and renaming it to
. Then xschem can be run from the xschem/ directory without issues.
The script run by the
-rcfile <path>
option to magic loads the technology file automatically, so the
-T <path>
option is not needed, and is in fact ignored.
@Tim Edwards Thank you very much for the feedback. I'll update the file accordingly.