Hello everyone, I am new to the SkyWater PDK and v...
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Hello everyone, I am new to the SkyWater PDK and very happy to join this community. I am super interested in bringing this opensource PDK to the student projects in my Integrated Circuit course. For the past a few days I have been searching for the answers about the compatibility with Cadence Virtuoso, but failed to get the solutions. The official documentation about the Cadence and Mentor Graphic support is still under construction. I understand this question might be asked several times but I didn't get the answer for now: does the PDK now work with Virtuoso? Are there any tutorials or examples of the usage available? Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
The PDK is intended for the open source tools and that has the most support. Some people may have worked on commercial tool support but that is not the major effort. I would check in the #cadence-virtuoso and #cadence-spectre channels
Thank you Matthew. Looks like there is no recent discussion in those channels. Will definitely check in the channels though
@Wajeh ul hasan for Cadence support
Stanford has been trying to get the PDK to work with closed source tools in their EE272 class for similar reasons. You might check out their source https://code.stanford.edu/ee272
Thank you Eric. That is very helpful.