Hello everyone, I ran openlane flow for my design ...
# sky130
Hello everyone, I ran openlane flow for my design and got 140 antenna violations at the final. I am trying to reduce antenna violations in my design, and to do so I have changed DIODE_INSERTION_STRATEGY to 5 from 3. Then I have seen this error message and the flow failed. I think the reason is that, diode insertion strategy 3 does not use any diode in the layout, but strategy 5 does. It seems flow can not find diode libraries to place in the design. How can I fix this problem? Full log can be found in the log file.
I've found it's also worth trying different sizes and density settings.
also, unless the antenna violations are bad - then you can ignore them
The violations are bad, there are violations valued about 1500. Thus I want to change the diode insertion strategy. Generally diode insertion strategies 5 and 2 were much more effective than 3 in Open MPW2, hence I want to use them. But if there are alternative ways in Open MPW3, I may try them too.