Is there is plan to support Scan FF in Skywater li...
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Is there is plan to support Scan FF in Skywater library ?
(1) There are scan flops in the standard cell libraries. (2) @User wrote the software package "Fault", which will do scan chain insertion. (3) There was a test design on MPW-one using Fault. The intention was to test the design before making the DFT integration into Openlane public. At least that's my understanding of the whole plan.
I am trying experiment with Fault tool for Scan Insertion, I see tool add Mux around the each FF. My review around sky130_fd_sc_hd verilog files does not shows any Scan FF cells
, "Scan delay flop, inverted set, inverted reset, inverted clock, complementary outputs."
Oh..Thanks .. I was searching in
sky130_fd_sc_hd__df* ..
I see Fault tool is looks to not using these scan FF, But uses Mux + Normal FF for Scan implementation
I don't see any additional option in Fault tool to control these structure . @User can you confirm