Exclusive VSD-HDP on Sky130 analog design for RF/5...
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Exclusive VSD-HDP on Sky130 analog design for RF/5G applications With the advent of RF and 5G applications, there is so much demand for good analog designers in industry and there are hardly few institutes attempting to work on this. VSD students did build some analog IPs in the past and almost everyone is doing good in their respective domain. That experience brings us to make this bold attempt of expanding analog education to more people - especially the ones looking for profile change or fresh students looking to start their career in analog. Since I have almost explored all fields like EDA, PD, STA, RISC-V, FPGA, digital, analog and mixed-signal, let me tell you something about analog - we have seen students and participants getting chills when we had allotted analog projects. The most dropouts were for analog, but the most successful high-paying, multiple offers VLSI industry placements happened to ones who completed our analog projects. So here's a project, with exclusive mentorship from our industry partner who has spent decades in analog design Important Note - Interested participants can reply back to this email asking for a detailed description and we will send it across Link for registration - https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/hdp/ Program start/end date - 2nd January to 13th March, 2022 Project 1) High Frequency analog VCO design and implementation using Sky130 {Project code : KCEDVCO} 200MHz, 400MHz and 915MHz VCO design using Sky130nm - from specification to tapeout Project 2) Low Dropout Regulation :A low-dropout regulator (LDO) is a DC linear voltage regulator that can regulate the output  voltage that is powered from a higher voltage input.  {Project Code:LDO} LDO Specifications: 1.    Technology: Google Sky water 130nm  2.    Input power supply range: 2-to-5 V 3.    Output Voltage: 1.8 V 4.    Load current: 10 mA 5.    Temp range: -40 to 125 Degree cent. 6.    Circuit current: 0.5 mA 7.    Reference Voltage: 1.2 V @ < 50 ppm
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We run 10-week Sky130 PDK based IP design programs. Its a lab intensive program for anyone who wants to learn about PDKs and build IP from scratch with help of industry mentors. The program is to make community aware of Sky130 and opensource eda. Below are the list of projects delivered and taped-out till date https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/ip/
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