Where can I find the transistor spice models for t...
# sky130
Where can I find the transistor spice models for the sky130A pdk? I am looking for parameters like threshold voltage, Rds, Con, Coff. I tried looking through the libs.tech file but didn't find anything?
Should be in
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Thanks! I found it. However, in each spice file there's many models for the same fet? For instance, nfet_01v8 there's model.0, model.1....model.4. How do I know which one ngspice is using when running the simulations?
Each of the models is valid for a certain range of l/w values. This is a parameter for each model.
Hey @Connie Duong, what is the parameter name in the .spice file related to Threshold voltage?
the threshold voltage depends on the sizing of your transistor and i usually print it after using it in my schematic and running the netlist in ngspice. In an ngspice terminal, you use the command "show m : vth" to see the threshold voltage of each transistor. make sure to have spaces before and after the colon