Core area width: 11.04 [INFO]: Core area height: 1...
# sky130
Core area width: 11.04 [INFO]: Core area height: 10.88 [WARNING]: Current core area is too small for a power grid [WARNING]: !!! THE POWER GRID WILL BE MINIMIZED. !!! [INFO]: Final Vertical PDN Offset: 1.8399999999999999 [INFO]: Final Horizontal PDN Offset: 1.8133333333333335 [INFO]: Final Vertical PDN Pitch: 3.6799999999999997 [INFO]: Final Horizontal PDN Pitch: 3.626666666666667
a Workaround: Set the die area to something bigger
but i tried editing the pitch value that is causing the error in the config.tcl file , shouldn't that resolve the problem?
You can't just make the pitch arbitrarily small
okay,it did work after making slight changes in die area.