does the SKY130 process support depletion-mode fet...
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does the SKY130 process support depletion-mode fet?
There is an NMOS NVT available which has a Vth ~ 0V (not exactly what you are looking for but close). There is no MOS-FET available with a negative Vth (NMOS) and positive Vth (PMOS), respectively.
neat, is that
I didn't realize there was something between the enhanced and depleted variant.
the cross section doesn't look that different from a regular FET
is the only difference in the size?
oh it doesn't have that
Vt adjust implants
thingy too!
that makes sense if the only difference is the Vt 🙂
Exactly, the difference is the channel implant (under the gate). This influences the Vth. The “natural Vth” (NVT) sit without additional implant in the well/substrate.
Does it trigger on Vg >= Vs or 0 <= Vg <= Vs ?
(I assumed the former, but I wasn't 100% clear after reading
Thanks for Wiki link on the native MOS-FET, didn’t know that one exists 🙂
those wikipedia pages are suprisingly good (and accessible!)
I tried to simulate the native fet in an inverter circuit but it looks a bit weird (i.e the voltage doesn't go back to 0)