# sky130

Mohamed Sallieu BAH

03/10/2022, 9:29 AM
Hi everyone is there any tutorial to learn about the XSchem skywater 130nm technology. I am a beginner, I don't no much about this programs I cannot even download and install them to my pc. Can someone also provide me the best process on how I can downlaod them. I am a 3rd year Electrical and Elektronics student and I am planning to design 4th order butterworth lowpass filter that has a 2 cutoff frequencies 10Mhz and 20MHz with my Team. Thanks everyone

Vijayan Krishnan

03/10/2022, 9:39 AM
#xschem its may help you.

Mohamed Sallieu BAH

03/10/2022, 10:12 AM
Thanks Krishnan