Can someone help me identify the nmos and pmos mod...
# sky130
Can someone help me identify the nmos and pmos model (.model pxxx pmos…) locations in skywater130 pdk. I'm trying to run simple transient simulation of an inverter with sky130 models using Xyce. I'm either pointing to wrong location of models or trying to pick wrong model names or it could be something else. Apologies as I'm new to opensource tools.
You seem to be using
directly from the google skywater-pdk repository. Models in the repository are not Xyce compatible and there are many errors. You will need to use the open_pdks installer to make sure the models and files are correct and Xyce-compatible. You are also specifying , e.g.,
in your circuit. The SkyWater models have an embedded scale factor, so that you have to give lengths and widths in micron units. So the correct form would be
Also, all devices in the Sky130 process are modeled as subcircuits, so the device should be called with
, not
. And your model name is wrong, as there is no such model/subcircuit as `pfet_01v8`; the name is
Thanks a lot. This worked.