yep, um. Weirdly, as the browser renders the svg,...
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yep, um. Weirdly, as the browser renders the svg, the units aren't visible, but when I export it as a png through imagemagick, they do show 🤷
Apparently your browser only renders ASCII valued characters in SVG and isn't seeing the ISO encoded characters like the "mu". I wrote the SVG output generator, and what it generates for text encoding works with inkscape, which was my target application when testing the SVG output.
Gotcha, that makes sense.
FWIW, this is in Firefox
Yes, I see that too in Firefox. I just had never noticed it before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
no units in chrome either
Just wrote a small script to fix it. The issue is not with any ISO encoded characters and rather that the generated svg has a <text> element inside a <text> element. The browsers seem to ignore the inner element.
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@User: Thanks for saving me the trouble of figuring this out. I will correct xcircuit accordingly. Meanwhile, can you please raise an issue on the skywater-pdk github, or generate a pull request?