Hi, anyone know can I to change value of w, w is w...
# sky130
Hi, anyone know can I to change value of w, w is width of a MOSFET, the dowhile work but the graphics are all same
i think it is something like
alter @name_of_fet[width] = 2
where 2 is the width you want
No, it doesn't worked
Refer to the Ngspice manual on the alter command then
@User i also have many times tried to do this, i have tried using alter, altermod, alterparam, no one worked. I think the only way is running multiple simulations , one size at a time.
@User the correct way should be:
alter m.xm2.msky130_fd_pr__nfet_01v8 W='0.4 + run * 0.1'
, assuming
is a loop parameter (1, 2, 3....10),
is the nmos in the schematic. It does not work:
Error: no model available for w=  5.0000000e-01 l=  1.5000000e-07.
I have also tried to scale down the alter assignment by 1e-6 :
alter m.xm2.msky130_fd_pr__nfet_01v8 W='4e-7 + run * 1e-7'
. This also didn't work. These are the things i tested some time ago, after all the failures i decided this is not possible to do with ngspice.
@Juan Andres may be if you have time try to submit this basic needed functionality to the ngspice developers, they may probably figure out how to write the dowhile loop to do the task. If you get the work done please let me know! :-)