Regarding the xschem symbols, I know that <@U01819...
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Regarding the xschem symbols, I know that @User was making some symbols. Was just digital cells I think when I saw his post weeks ago but maybe there's more now.
I started weeks ago an analog library for Xschem in addition to the digital library. I stopped since at the time there was no sufficient information yet. I have seen that data is much more defined now, so i wil continue the work. If someone has any useful information to make the job easier (for example where to look for the right information, since sometimes i find myself wasting time looking in the wrong places) i will really appreciate :-).
I would like to see a response from @Tim Edwards on this. I think he is the one who wrote that section of the docs so he must have gotten the symbol pictures somewhere. It would be a shame to duplicate the work if he already has an "official" symbol set he can share.
@Patrick Van Oosterwijck(@Stefan Schippers): The symbol drawings are literally just images ripped out of a SkyWater Word document. But since I want/need symbols anyway in an open source format, I'd prefer that there be an xschem (open source!) library and that we generate images from that.
Making the symbol graphics is the least problematic thing, the important thing is to know device by device the set of attributes they need. I think now most of the info is available, thanks to some info from @Tim Edwards weeks ago and the improving documentation. Another interesting work is validation. being these the lowest level objects in an analog design these components must be ultra-verified.
Thanks for clarifying @Tim Edwards, I just wanted to avoid unnecessary duplication of work in case the symbols already existed.