your FETs have M prefix, that needs to be an X for...
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your FETs have M prefix, that needs to be an X for a subcircuit
(@bluecmd) please notice that you can add 'spiceprefix=X' to the mos instance attributes and enable xschem 'Simulation -> Use spiceprefix attribute'. Another simple way to make it work is simply change its name attribute (M1 ->XM1 or X1) . The spiceprefix is used in order to be able to create simulation netlist (with spiceprefix) and LVS netlists (usually without spiceprefix) without manually changing the circuit schematic.
Thanks! I was reading about it but it wasn't clear to me how to actually define the spiceprefix, but now when you say it it makes sense it is just like another prefix
I ended up forking the pmos4 component and setting spiceprefix to X specifically
worked! Thanks Stefan!
When i was working in Intel as well as Micron, every new process node had the convention about 'use primitive mos, / wrap mos in subcircuits' changed...
Auch 🙂