<@U01ARE752HH>: Nothing in this diagram should be...
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@User: Nothing in this diagram should be taken as final. Also, the storage area is not currently in the existing RTL other than a memory map reference that is not connected to any wishbone bus. The 1k reference is currently mismatched to the OpenRAM verilog model in the code which is 8k words x 32 bits, but that refers to storage local to the management SoC. The storage area shown above is supposed to be a 32k x 32 bit memory accessible to the user project area. The status of that storage area for the first shuttle run is heavily dependent on the status of OpenRAM.
Ohhh thanks @Tim Edwards. So am I supposed to connect my user area bus architecture (TL-UL in my case) with that 32k x 32 bit memory or am I supposed to go through wishbone (using some sort of TL-UL to wishbone bridge)