<@U0170EWVCRM> from what I can tell the incorporat...
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@User from what I can tell the incorporation of cmc models in open source simulators was delayed because of licensing conflicts. I think these were resolved but I don’t see the models mentioned in ngspice or Xyce documentation.
Ngspice seems to have a Verilog-AMS to C conversion flow for incorporating new models. The official spec from si2 seems open to the public but needs a form to be filled out.
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Looked through the latest release of r2 and r3 (1 July 2020, last revision in 2007), and the description document is CC BY 4.0
Is that the license resolution you were talking about?
The model code is under ECL-2.0
I am not sure what the licensing problems were. I know they have this 18 month delay so that private members have advantaged access before the public.