I have tried to build a include-tree-structure of ...
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I have tried to build a include-tree-structure of the spice files, following the '.include' statements from the top level file. For simplicity, 'cells' directory is moved under the 'models' directory. And all the files in 'cells' directory are shown in a single 'cells' directory. First file is when only 'tt' corner is used for fet devices. And second file is when all the corners are included. https://github.com/mkghub/skywater_fd_pr_tree/blob/master/tree_for_sky130_fd_pr_tt_1103.txt https://github.com/mkghub/skywater_fd_pr_tree/blob/master/tree_for_sky130_fd_pr_1103.txt The motivation for doing this is that there are so many files and it is very hard to understand the include hierarchy. The tree will be helpful for understanding which files are really needed when using certain type of devices.
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Also look in the tests directories for the cells. Some of them have minimal .includeds for that cell. There are also models/corners/tt.spice etc. which cover the needed data for a single corner....a bit faster to include those as opposed to the .lib line (although I think you still need the full lib for certain sim types)