This channel is a gold mine of information about x...
# analog-design
This channel is a gold mine of information about xschem, ngspice etc... Does anyone now if all the slack activities are archived somewhere ?
I would like to know the answer to that question too... there are many things that I can no longer view in slack that I wish I could revisit
I have been copying and pasting some things into a text file, but I have not been systematic and have missed lots of good stuff.
One of the slack admins can download an archive of the whole workspace. That will contain all messages.
@mkk @Tim 'mithro' Ansell I believe you two are the workspace admins. Could you look into making the archive public? This link has all the info with steps:
afaik it's a free slack space so it limits history to a specific number of messages in the whole space...I think the older stuff is saved, just inaccessible
I read somewhere that exports contained the whole history. There are a few viewers online for converting the archives into searchable HTML pages.
You can pay Slack to read the old/archived messages. But all messages in this channel from October 2nd 2020 onward are "archived" on Matrix: