Hi all, My question maybe seems a little bit simp...
# analog-design
Hi all, My question maybe seems a little bit simple. But how can I start to do analog design? Is there a tutorial to get started? So to be more precise, analog design is not the problem, the environment is my problem. Sorry for that question. Thank you, Julian
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For those of us who are better at circuits and analog layout than software, I think a VM image with all of the tools installed and an example design already set up and able to be built on it would really help, especially if it came with a script that would pull the latest updates of everything. Even if it were so huge that it took a week to download, it would have saved me multiple weeks.
There's something similar for the openlane build. Since the analog workflow is still developing and recent, nobody has put something together. It's a good idea and I'll probably tackle it along with a couple of other tasks after the shuttle submissions
Thanks for ally the input! I will try! Thanks!