<@U016HSALFAN>: Did you look at Syvain's comment ...
# analog-design
@User: Did you look at Syvain's comment above? I purposely skipped the first 7 pins for analog connections because connecting analog to those pins will likely be fatal to the project board. So analog_io[0] is on gpio 7, as Sylvain noted. Perhaps it might be better/clearer to just number the analog_io bus from 37 to 7?
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That would be clearer imo
@tnt, @Tim Edwards: I haven't noticed the offset in the RTL, no... I will update the RTL and pin order to account for that. (In any case, the current version just means some extra wire length on the top-level).
@tnt, @Tim Edwards, @Riking28: BTW, I discussed this with mkk like a week ago, and we decided not to do this change to the wrapper for this shuttle.
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