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# analog-design
@User @User @User Did anyone figure out how to use the analogue feedthrough?
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I was wondering the same. Should we change a verilog file (i.e. chip_io.v) and then regenerate it with openlane? Should we repleace the gpiov2 blocks in the padframe2.mag with the feedthrough blocks manually?
@yrrapt (@Affan Abbasi, @Amro Tork, @mina_maksimous, @Diego Hernando): Our proposed plan of the moment is to add somewhere between 10 and 14 additional pads to the padframe, which would be straight-through metal from the pad with no connections to anything (including diodes), suitable for high speed or high voltage, with all the usual caveats about working with ESD sensitive parts. The catch would be that these extra pads would not be bump bonded, and that means that we would reserve a wafer to not get the redistribution layer post-processing, and you would get back unpackaged parts and would need to find a vendor to wirebond them into a package. But you would get your straight-through connections.
@Tim Edwards Thank you for the info, very useful. For my application I think I will not take that path for MPWa but definitely will look into in the future.
Hi @Tim Edwards Great news.
Not sure if we will be able to make it like this for the current tapeout.