<@U017UPJEGKZ> Did you place the plot instruction ...
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@User Did you place the plot instruction after the dc command?
Ah, I did not have the DC command in my control statement but the plot commands were.
So now the graphs show up, but they have completely wrong values. all the currents are 0
and running plot commands in the interactive terminal no longer gives correct values either. I am quite baffled
Some variables seem to not be stored correctly. Is there some different data representation for the DC analysis or something?
for some vectors it seems to have stored the full sweep, but for others it seems to have only stored the terminal value or something
Ah, I also had the location of the save commands in the wrong place. It all seems to be working now and I have a better understanding of ngspice. Thanks!
I arrived late, but nice you got it working! I think everyone at some point runs into these 'ordering' issues... 💪
I know its been really a while and I found this while I encounter the same problem. And to summarise (after hours of head banging): when you are using interactive mode with
block for the commands, making sure your
save all
command is before any analysis (such as
, etc) otherwise you won't get anything for the output and plot (page 400 on section 17.5.64 on the ngspice manual)!