Who has a bandgap design from mpw-one or mpw-two t...
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Who has a bandgap design from mpw-one or mpw-two that I can use as an example for analog flow development?
@Tim Edwards So do you intend to publish an example to help analog designers get started with analog design using sky130A and open-source tools? (If yes, it will be very helpful for me.) Sorry for this slightly unrelated question; I am curious. Thanks.
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@Tim Edwards We have one as well.
@Tim Edwards
There is a full LDO Design there as well.
I too had a bandgap on mpw-one: https://github.com/yrrapt/caravel_amsat_txrx_ic
@Booshan: Mostly it's that I have this system called CACE (Circuit Automatic Characterization Engine) that I developed on the efabless Open Galaxy platform, which works by entering a circuit specification (in a JSON format file), then runs ngspice on small testbench simulation netlists over all conditions, and then runs statistics on the results (in Python, but optionally invoking Octave for serious number crunching). The output is then tabulated in the form of a datasheet, with MATLAB-like plots generated by python's matplotlib. A few years back we (at efabless) ran a small competition for a bandgap design, so that's the one circuit type that I have a good characterization template for, so it's easiest to adapt to a different process. Recently I copied all the CACE code over to open_pdks and I'm now looking at getting it working with Sky130. @Kunal / @Amro Tork / @yrrapt: Thanks for the feedback. Having multiple designs to work with will be a big help. I'll probably be coming back to you asking about specs.
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@Tim Edwards you can use mine too if you like
It's the one I was running into the netgen LVS bugs with that you looked at
@Tim Edwards if you have the tutorial ready, i would like to have a look at it! Could you please share the link?
@Michael Heidinger: I'm not nearly that far along with it. I have a big dump of scripts from the efabless Open Galaxy platform that I need to get to work off-platform, compatible with open_pdks, and with a number of enhancements.