Depends on the nature of the problem. Is there a particular issue you're having?
I just want to run LVS. Original way of running with magic/netgen is causing problems.
I was wondering if there is an updated version that could help us.
@User Any ideas?
What version of netgen amd magic are you running, and what is the nature of the problem?
I'm using the latest version of netgen and magic
latest version of github.
@User I might be doing something wrong.
Here is the script that I'm using for running LVS
example command line to use it:
python3 scripts/run_standard_lvs.py gds/ldo_v1/ldo_flattened_f.gds.gz extracted.spi xschem/ldo_v1/ldo_v1_lvs.spice report.lvs ldo_flattened_f
Is this not running at all? The script seems to be calling netgen with missing arguments.
@User It was developed by someone at my end.
If you can advise for me the 2 commands that I need to run this
And which versions of magic
You still haven't told me what exactly is going wrong, but by looking at your script, I'd say that there is nothing wrong with the magic extraction, and the LVS script fails because the names of the netlist files and cells are not being passed as parameters to netgen. The syntax should be
netgen -batch lvs "_file_1 cell_1_" "_file_2 cell_2_" _setup_file output_file_
Thanks @User
That’s helpful