1. Could somebody help me with the warnings? 2. Is...
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1. Could somebody help me with the warnings? 2. Is there a way to speed up ngspice simulations. It takes way too long to load up the library in my setup
Got the same error + warnings and the design takes way too much time to process. Ngspice doesn't work this slow in windows. Not sure whats wrong.
have you added .spiceinit file in the xschem simulation directory with lines
set ngbehavior=hsa
set ng_nomodcheck
@User: The res_generic_po model is defined in
. I notice that unlike all the other models, the equation for
is in quotes but not inside braces (
). Check if adding braces around the quotes fixes the problem.
Re 2. You can use my spice modelfile reducer, cuts down ngspice startup time to almost zero. https://github.com/hpretl/iic-osic