Currently I'm using the no ESD analog pads in the ...
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Currently I'm using the no ESD analog pads in the top corner of the caravel user analog project wrapper. How do I use those other pads? How should I set io_oeb? What is exactly after those pins? I'm afraid I'm going to set it incorrectly and a digital buffer output will interfere in my analog signal, even if the input is floating.
@User, please, answer this for this sorry late brazilian planning to submit a design in the NYE.
Connect the analog signal to
if you can tolerate the 150 ohm series resistance to the pad (adds more ESD protection), and connect to
if you can't. You should not need to make any other connections, just make sure that the program that runs in the management SoC sets all of the pads to be configured to shut off the input and output buffers. That is all just done in software. Probably you want to set
to 1.8V just to make sure that the output buffer can never be turned on.
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