Is there a way to install open_pdks sky130 with ju...
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Is there a way to install open_pdks sky130 with just the spice files? Or should I just be cloning sky130_fd_pr directly if I don't care about the rest of the stuff? IIRC open_pdks has some patches to the spice files (which are hopefully being upstreamed?)
Yes, open_pdks has important fixes to the spice models...
and open_pdks has --disable-X options to disable indidividual options. I think that way you can enable spice only
I have used the spice model files of the sky130 pdk with ltspice. If you just need the spice model files and don't care about the rest just download the openpdk folder with model files and use them. Specifically the model files that are given in the library folder.
Why have these important fixes not been upstreamed?
Looking at open_pdks it makes extensive changes to the upstream pdk. Why are these changes not contributed back upstream? I would just like to use the spice files without installing GBs of digital stuff, but if the upstream spice files are broken this seems like a bad situation.
@Tim 'mithro' Ansell Can you elaborate on the plan for the upstream PDK repo? Seems like fixes are accumulating in various places outside of it. Wouldn't it be better to just use the upstream repo here?
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@Pepijn de Vos: Sorry, I didn't see this thread. . . For your initial question ("Is there a way. . . ?"): After a full configuration of open_pdks, instead of doing
, you can do
cd sky130
and start building just the parts you need, which would mainly be
make tools-A
make primitive-A
@Pepijn de Vos: The only way to delete the installed PDK is with
make uninstall
, so if after doing that partial build, you do
make install
, if you have pre-installed libraries from a previous build, they'll still be there. You'll have just updated
with the
make tools-*
with the
make primitive-*