I was able to implement the first multi-height mi...
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I was able to implement the first multi-height mixed signal run. I am attaching the layout for your reference. AMUX2_3V is the analog IP on which I performed the flow. I would like to thank the entire Openlane team for your constant support wherever required. I would also like to thank @User for mentoring me and encouraging me to achieve this.
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This is neat Hopefully we will be able to replicate the same for our internal analog IP's.
Yes 😊
@Praharsha Great job! can you please open issues on GH for anything that you faced, and feel free to share your input on how to get around those issues or better submit a PR!
@Amr Gouhar Thank you 😊. Yes I will definitely do this
Do you have details how you achieved that ?
@tnt Yes, I would soon be sharing it
@Praharsha Congratulations! Is your work publicly available on GH?
@mshalan Thank you 😊. Not yet . I will be updating it soon. Will keep you posted