would there be appetite for such a thing? probably...
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would there be appetite for such a thing? probably as a wiki?
@User there is already a wiki. Check https://github.com/efabless/openlane/wiki Any feedback or additions will be very appreciated!
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the wiki has an FAQ but as far as I can see it has no "if you see this you should try x" troubleshooting guide
or is that the intention of the FAQ?
i was thinking more of documenting what errors meant across the various tools
@aryap that's the intention of the FAQ and subsequent wiki pages that would be created, but we're still building up to that. For now many of the problems you may face have their solutions there.
ok, thanks
I think a wiki is a great idea
I hope to contribute something!
@Matt Venn we will definitely appreciate your input! The wiki is open to public edits.