Hello, I have been trying to make a power ring aro...
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Hello, I have been trying to make a power ring around the design. I succeeded in generating the power ring in
, however its not getting connected with the grid. Any ideas? @User @User @User
The grid needs to extend out to connect to the ring
you shouldn't need a power ring around your design, only user_project_wrapper will have a ring.
If I place my design as a macro in user_project_wrapper then how would it make the power connection? @tnt
The inside project should export the vertical straps as pads and then the wrapper then generating the horizontals straps will connect them them with vias.
Oh.. so how do you export the vertical straps as pads?
It should do that automatically.
But at the moment it only exports the two first straps AFAIK due to some PDNGen / OpenDB limitation that @Ahmed Ghazy is working on. Not ideal but it should still connect.
However you need to make sure you disable the horizontal straps (
) on your inside project.
oh... @Aireen Amir Jalal
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