I'm trying to run a design which instantiates mult...
# openlane
I'm trying to run a design which instantiates multiple DFFRAM and I'm getting the following:
Im using  
set ::env(FP_HORIZONTAL_HALO) 10
set ::env(FP_VERTICAL_HALO) 10
to adjust HALO but it keeps failing
Check the intermediate DEF to see what's going on.
It's possible the core shape that got picked jus can't fit all the DFF RAM ...
That seems to be the problem but actually Im not setting the core shape so should I set the
or there its a way to keep it automatic ? btw where its located the documentation for the tcl env variables of openlane ?
The automatic size is not very advanced, it doesn't look at the shape of macro or anything, it just tried to pick a square of roughly the right area, irrespective of macro shape or anything.
Thanks for your support, I oversize the design in order to check if it works and now I'm getting a different error and the error.log doesn't show more information than
child process exited abnormally
probably segfault or ran out of memory
I have 16 GB ddr4 ram so Idk what to do to get rid of it.
Instanciating large macros is a pain and oesn't work well ATM. I had to resort to manually specify area, manually placing the macro and using several custom OpenDB scripts to make it work for me. Took me the better part of a week to get a design that places and routes.