Any hints on ```[CRIT] [PDNG-0030] Layer specified...
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Any hints on
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[CRIT] [PDNG-0030] Layer specified for std. cell rails '$::env(FP_PDN_RAILS_LAYER)' not in list of layers.
w/ mpw-one-b openlane and caravel? I can't find this config option in the repo.
Did you run make openlane and run make pdk? make sure you're using openlane:rc6 (export IMAGE_NAME)
had rc5 thx
mpw-one-b openlane is only compatible with mpw-one-b open_pdks. It won't work otherwise giving the same exact error you're seeing. So make sure you have the correct PDK as well (the latest in the openlane makefile).
make pdk
should be enough to install it
im using the default hash in the openlane rc6 repo, so should be okay. think it was an image name issue
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yep that was it. I put rc6 everywhere but the image name. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
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