I'm doing some tests with hardening user project w...
# openlane
I'm doing some tests with hardening user project wrapper from Caravel. Recent versions of OpenLANE and Caravel end with major errors and after discussing with @User I'm sticking with mpw-one-b tags on both OpenLANE and Caravel. Has anyone else noticed how slow mpw-one-b is compared to mpw-one-a for hardening user project wrapper? mpw-one-a takes about 10 minutes and mpw-one-b takes more like 40.
I found I wasn't use completely vanilla config, and after reset it is taking 22 mins
I'd say the biggest difference is in this part:
writing the LEF seems to take a lot longer than before
Just curious, what's wrong with mpw-one-c tag? I just assumed to use that since it's more recent.
maybe nothing! I thought I'd skip all the middle tags and go straight to dev, but it doesn't appear to be useful yet.
so then I went back to what we used for the 1st shuttle
Oh good call. Then I'm curious if anyone can state the intent of "mpw-one-c" tag?