Hi. I'm trying to understand how to tie analog and...
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Hi. I'm trying to understand how to tie analog and digital flow together. I installed Sky130: $> cd $(HOME) $> git clone https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk $> cd skywater-pdk $> git submodule init libraries/*/latest $> git submodule update $> make -j$(nproc) $> make timing -j$(nproc) -but then, it seems that Sky130 needs some parsing to work in Openlane. So: can Openlane work with Sky130 as installed above? Or alternatively, can I build Sky130 in the Openlane way, and then set up xschem and ngspice such that they use the Openlane configured libs? I think it would be preferable to avoid two parallel Sky130 libraries. Next step will be some Icarus iverilog setup, where the same problem will arise. Thanks.
I would suggest to try the MPW-2 setup from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x7ubNSmfUb0xBmkW8iK-H1fOHXtxRlUGQaaAhjPEJA4/edit# this seems to be the easiest way to install it at the moment
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