I have just been installing OpenLane natively (not...
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I have just been installing OpenLane natively (not in Docker) and I came across some interesting things that I thought I would post here. It comes down to the licenses of libraries used deep in the dependency tree. OpenLane uses OpenROAD which uses LEMON which uses two suspect libraries: https://soplex.zib.de/ https://www.ibm.com/analytics/cplex-optimizer It is possible to freely obtain these libraries but only under the condition they are used for academic purposes. From the SoPLEX site:
Copy code
SoPlex is distributed under the ZIB Academic License. You are allowed to retrieve SoPlex for research purposes as a member of a non-commercial and academic institution.
If you want to use SoPlex commercially or if you are interested in maintenance and support, please contact I²DAMO GmbH.
I'm sure when the OpenROAD team started developing they fitted that condition but now things are getting bundled up and people can (already are?) use OpenLANE for commercial purposes with no knowledge that they're violating the original license terms. A major caveat it that I know practically nothing about the intricacies of software license laws but at first glance I feel like it's something someone should double check. Hopefully it's just my misunderstanding.
It seems you can compile LEMON without CPLEX using
so that might explain that, not so sure about SoPlex though
Ok, it seems you can do the same with SoPlex so maybe there's no issue after all
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