Hi all, could someone help me with some pointers f...
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Hi all, could someone help me with some pointers for things to consider/pay attention to while trying to push through OpenLane a design that has sky130 SRAMs (or fakerams)? I could succeed with a simple wrapper around a fakeram and with a simple wrapper around a real sram but not with other more significant designs. Currently I am trying to push a black parrot design with SRAMs through the flow but it fails at the detailed placement step without much details. I narrowed down on where it is failing and could figure out that it was failing at the 'check_placement' command. Earlier when I faced this issue in case of the fakeram wrapper, I had overcome this by adjusting the 'PL_DIAMOND_SEARCH_HEIGHT' variable to a large value (>400). However, in the case of this black parrot design, that doesn't seem to solve the issue. Could someone provide any pointers?
I would suggest that you publish your design on GitHub so that we can reproduce and analyze the problem.
@Lakshmi I just looked and it seems that PL_DIAMOND_SEARCH_HEIGHT was removed as a parameter according to the openlane documentation. Did you find a way around this?