back after some time since I want to update me and...
# openlane
back after some time since I want to update me and Olofs likely broken mpw2 submission for mpw4, unfortunately getting stuck immediately setting up the tools again.
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klasn@klasn-jobb:~/mpw4/OpenLane$ make pull-openlane
Pulling most recent OpenLane image relative to your commit...
docker pull efabless/openlane:mpw-4
Error response from daemon: manifest for efabless/openlane:mpw-4 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
make: *** [Makefile:191: pull-openlane] Error 1
Anybody recognize this issue?
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provide all commands you followed
make pull-openlane is run directly after cloning the repository (efabless fork) and moving into the folder, as per instructions in
@User any suggestions
Looks like a Docker version issue to me
python3 issue-survey
if you would please, klas.
Sorry for a belated answer - I muted most comms over the christmas weekend. Everything Just Worked when I returned, maybe the docker images for the tag weren't yet available for some reason, the tag was just a couple of hours old iirc