<@U020J2W6Q84> Could you please update how the `aa...
# openlane
@User Could you please update how the
support is going? What is the base OS that you will use for the docker image?
@Rob Taylor Do you have an update? I see the thread on Github, but not clear what the latest status is.
No significant progress since the last update, which was building Klayout as an OpenLane tool proper, likely still CentOS 7 or Rocky Linux 8.
@Harald Pretl no update from my side - @donn has taken up the mantel
If someone has access to an M1-based machine and wants to help bring OpenLane to aarch64, please reach out. I'm just extremely busy at the moment.
FYI I've been running Openlane on ppc64le. I have one issue with pandas, which we bring in just to do a simple modification to a CSV file, seems like overkill. For now I disable it.