Does anyone change .tlef file before? we are tryin...
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Does anyone change .tlef file before? we are trying to feed our own generated std cells (still skywater 130nm) into the flow and wonder whether we could change .tlef file. Can we edit the SITE unit size part of the .tlef file as shown in the figure below (to adjust it into the same size as our generated std cells)? Such as add a SITE unithdtpl (high density, triple height), or just change the width/height value of SIZE width by height from default ones. Or to say, we are recommended not to change .tlef file, and have to fit bbox of our generated standard cells exactly the same size of unithd or unithddb1. Looking forward to advice about that!
You can have more than one site in a LEF file so you can just add yours. When you run initialize_floorplan you'll want to give -site <your site>
I'm new to openlane, thank you so much! Do you know where I may find some examples of doing so as you suggested?
set ::env(PLACE_SITE) {unithd}
Get it, thank you!
I am assuming you are making your own stdcell library and making a custom "cell site", which does not match HD. 1. You need to change the sites in tlef 2. You need to integrate it to openlane, take a look at config for hd library. It should be pretty self explanatory.
@Arman Avetisyan , get it, thanks!