Krzysztof Herman

04/26/2022, 2:41 PM
Hi ! I have a question related to the openlane performance and memory requirements in the "latest" versions MPW5-6. What I can observe is that those releases consume far much more memory than the versions used for MPW 3 and 4. For example my design is like 45 k std cells and I was able to pass the flow during 8 h on a PC with 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of swap space, Now the same design requires like 29 GB of RAM+swap in total. I was wondering, what changes have been made in the flow to make it so memory demanding. Was it related to the flow itself or to the update of the routing tools (TritonRoute ?). Regards! Chris

Arman Avetisyan

04/27/2022, 6:10 AM
Many people have this exact issue. Can you create a reproducible and report it on github? I had to do it myself, but never got to it.