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@User have you or the team thought about integration with the Xic tools? They have been a commercially developed toolset for a couple of decades before being open-sourced in the last couple of years. The UI is a little crusty but under the hood it's by far the closest open-source alternative to Virtuoso I've seen. Has schematic/spice/waveform viewer/layout/DRC/parasitic extraction. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on support for it / or the best way for the community (ie. me) to help make it work smoothly with skywater? https://github.com/wrcad/xictools
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I have spent a weekend once trying to familiarize myself with Xic. I was also pretty enthusiastic before that about Xic, because it looks quite nice on paper (and I have recommended it in the past to others). Unfortunately, I found it quite unusable (e. g. regarding the way LVS works) and encountered several crashes / malfunctions even in the simplest scenarios (NAND gate in MOSIS SCMOS). It might be some problem with my setup though. Learning from that, I would likely prefer Klayout / Magic + some schematic editor in the future.
OK, interesting. I've only ever browsed through some of the examples. But that's good to know, thanks for the info
At Sandia we've been using Xic successfully for schematics/simulations/waveforms for superconducting electronics, but I haven't really used it much for layout or CMOS yet. Anyway count me in as another upvote for Xic support.