<@U017E7L119N>: If you are referring to vlog2Cel ...
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@User: If you are referring to vlog2Cel in qflow, you can pass it multiple LEF files, so just specify the technology LEF file first, then the cell macro LEF file. The standard cells that have been distributed with qflow have the technology and macros combined in one file, but that isn't required. Also, please note that the sky130 PDK does not yet work very well with qrouter. I have not had the time to look into the issues and debug them.
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Thanks Tim, this is useful. I also wrote a few lines for convenience:
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find . -name "*.lef" | grep magic -v  | awk '{print "cat " $1}' | sh |  sed -n -e '/^MACRO/,/^END/p' >  ${OUTPUT_LEF}.all_cells
find . -name "sky130_fd_sc_hd.*" | sort -r | awk '{print "cat "$1}' | sh > merged.${OUTPUT_LEF}
sed -e 's/END LIBRARY//' merged.${OUTPUT_LEF} >  ${OUTPUT_LEF}.lef
echo 'END LIBRARY' >> ${OUTPUT_LEF}.lef 
rm merged.* *.all_cells