Guna supports 6 different simulators including hap...
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Guna supports 6 different simulators including hapice, ngapice, spectre, finesim and others.
What is Guna?
Characterization product from Guna -
Being considered for opensource contingent on grants and other projects like openRoad.
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Guna is a machine learning enabled characterization platform for standard cells, I/O pad, complex cells, memories and AMS IPs. It is built on BEST in class analysis engines to provide NLDM, ,NLPM, CCS, ECSM, AOCV, LVF and other popular models.
It won't let me even see a white paper without registering...
I may be a bit pessimistic, but it throws around "cloud" and "machine learning" quite a bit without justifying why.
Here is the Guna datasheet.
Machine learning and boolean algebra is used to identify cell-type with pattern matching w/ cell-netlist to improve productivity and QA.
Philipp Guhring has used the software to setup his libraries.