Hi All, Do you know how to install xschem, ngspice...
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Hi All, Do you know how to install xschem, ngspice, gaw in Red Hat Linux? I searched for the installation tutorials but they only support Ubuntu Linux. For example, ngspice doesn’t offer pre-complied packages for Linux according to their website: http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/download.html Can I install all these tools in one container?
Hi @User on my Centos 7 machine I build Xschem and ngspice from sources without any issues, indeed there are no binaries to use out of the box.
Thanks @User
Xschem, ngspice, gaw can certainly be installed on RedHat , there might be some different name in the required packages (tcl-tk, Xorg, Xpm libraries and development files for xschem, gtk3 libraries for gaw, ngspice is the least demanding for compiling).