It seems that there is no info about which project...
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It seems that there is no info about which projects had gone to tapeout in MPW#1/2/3/4 the MPW precheck info is OK but no tapeout info: Is there any other link that I can get this info or is it possible to update these webpages? It would be informative to know which projects went tape out, so maybe I can communicate the people who had already gone to this MPW process.
MPW#3 seems tapeout info btw, but not MPW#1 and 2
@User At the time of MPW 1 & 2. The tapeout process was handled by efabless internally that is why you don't see it featured on the website. Starting with MPW 3 and future shuttles users are responsible for running and passing the tapeout process. Furthermore, depending on the number of projects not every taped out project will get a chip. If more projects exist passing tapeout than there are chips some will not go through
thanks for the reply 👍