After adding all the datapaths I'm thinking to use...
# riscv
After adding all the datapaths I'm thinking to use the open lane for converting to GDSII format. has anyone recently done it/doing it ?
I ran my riscv core through the openlane flow - pushing the actual design through the flow isn't actually that difficult (esp since it's likely a very small design) but getting it cleaned up and tapeout ready is a fair bit more involved
one of the examples that comes with OpenLane is the PicoRV32 (which is also used in the control part of the Caravel framework). When I first installed OpenLane RC2 I tried it and it worked as expected. Then I added DarkRiscV as a new project and that compiled with no problems as well
thank you for the info, I was aware about caravel framework but never tried actually adding my design into it. After some more data paths I will definitely try it. @Anish is your core open sourced/available on github?