<@U017E7L119N> please use this: <https://github.co...
# openroad
@User please use this: https://github.com/msaligane/OpenROAD-flow/tree/openroad/flow/platforms/sw130 I setup the hs lib for you and just realized I made "custom" changes to get the flow running. But this should work for the new libs as is (I did not include finishing steps).
do you know if repair_clock_inverters a native command? my binary doens’t seem to have it…
which branch of the tools submodules are you using?
i cloned the original repo, the master branch for building/installing
use the openroad branch. And when you are building use: ./build_openroad.sh -d -p -l to build the latest version of the tools
ok, so this one is new? is there one stop shop for UI doc?… I’m still familiarizing with the whole suite…
When you run the build_openroad use --latest. It pulls the head of all submodules.
No worries, yes we need to update the doc (this was added recently).
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getting some odd errors during global_place.tcl
[PROC] Begin InitialPlace ...
[InitialPlace]  Iter: 1 CG Error: 1.08983e-07 HPWL: 18309304
[InitialPlace]  Iter: 2 CG Error: 4.8921e-08 HPWL: 14469696
[InitialPlace]  Iter: 3 CG Error: 9.21233e-08 HPWL: 14452772
[InitialPlace]  Iter: 4 CG Error: 9.02186e-08 HPWL: 14453353
[InitialPlace]  Iter: 5 CG Error: 9.43531e-08 HPWL: 14464670
bails out at the end:
[INFO]   NewStepLength = 30.916
[INFO]   NumBackTrak = 11
[ERROR] RePlAce divergence detected.
Please decrease init_density_penalty value (REPL-3)
any clues?
I’m simply trying to build the gcd block
Did you change the size of gcd?
only to try to fix this, do you have any insight on what it means?
changing init_density_penalty doens’t seem to help
My experience with the tiny designs is that the placer diverges when the core area is too small. Can you try increasing it?
I’m setting it by utilization, currently at 60%
Running Global Placement
[INFO] DBU = 1000
[INFO] SiteSize = (480, 3330)
[INFO] CoreAreaLxLy = (19680, 19980)
[INFO] CoreAreaUxUy = (90240, 89910)
[INFO] NumInstances = 292
[INFO] NumPlaceInstances = 227
[INFO] NumFixedInstances = 65
[INFO] NumDummyInstances = 0
[INFO] NumNets = 263
[INFO] NumPins = 895
[INFO] DieAreaLxLy = (0, 0)
[INFO] DieAreaUxUy = (110450, 110450)
[INFO] CoreAreaLxLy = (19680, 19980)
[INFO] CoreAreaUxUy = (90240, 89910)
[INFO] CoreArea = 4934260800
[INFO] NonPlaceInstsArea = 305294400
[INFO] PlaceInstsArea = 2977819200
[INFO] Util(%) = 64.330109
[INFO] StdInstsArea = 2977819200
[INFO] MacroInstsArea = 0
do you know if this is off by default? how to enable?
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        string("InitPlace ") + to_string(i), false,
        string("./plot/cell/ip_") + to_string(i));
mage to build, results unexpected xD
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InitialPlace]  Iter: 1 CG Error: 6.41183e-08 HPWL: 8071794

[CImg] *** CImgIOException *** [instance(1060,1060,1,3,0x7fe8fb672000,non-shared)] CImg<unsigned char>::save_other(): Failed to save file './plot/cell/ip_1.jpg'. Format is not natively supported, and no external commands succeeded.
libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type cimg_library::CImgIOException: [instance(1060,1060,1,3,0x7fe8fb672000,non-shared)] CImg<unsigned char>::save_other(): Failed to save file './plot/cell/ip_1.jpg'. Format is not natively supported, and no external commands succeeded.
/bin/bash: line 1: 69880 Abort trap: 6           openroad -no_init -exit ./scripts/global_place.tcl
@20Mhz sorry I don't see all these errors. I can take a look after my morning meetings. I think the previous cmd is for visuals.
sure, my though was to enable the plots to get more insight on the convergence problem, I manage to rebuild, but CIMG code bailed out, I’m guessing there is some sort of version issue. need to shift to work myself now, to be continued, thanks
I was missing -D cimg_use_jpeg flag. now works, will see
It generates really cool visuals on larger designs usually 👌
looking odd?
thats just after the first failure
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[InitialPlace]  Iter: 1 CG Error: 6.41183e-08 HPWL: 8071794
INFO: ./plot/cell/ip_1.jpg image has been saved
As I mentioned the placer diverges on tiny area butnI think this issue was fixed. I don't see this divergence when I increase the core size. I will check later and get back to you. Can you try a larger design? Aes or jpeg?
found it, I had accidentally removed the density option, at least now I have pretty screenshots :)
😅 great! What are you using them for?
I’m just testing, what I meant is that I created the screenshot for debugging, but at the end It was just a typo xD
BTW, what is the change you made to get the visuals?
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CXX_INCLUDES = -I /usr/local//opt/libjpeg/include -I /opt//X11/include/ -I/Users/ronaldv/Projects/repositories/CImg ...