<@U01H80BKV41> having the tcl runtime is not the s...
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@User having the tcl runtime is not the same. You need tcl-dev on ubuntu or tcl-devel on Centos (you can install all the dependencies with OpenRoad's etc/DependencyInstall.sh)
@Matt Liberty i think that took care of the tcl error, but not I have another one, even though I did yum install readline
kernel/driver.cc2412: fatal error: readline/readline.h: No such file or directory # include <readline/readline.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.
ALso getting python36-libs unable to find error when I try to install the etc/Dependencies, and similar error when I attempt this:
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yum install python36-libs
on which OS?
you may need readline-devel
When running the DependencyInstaller.sh, the error remains even after sudo yum installl readline-devel completed.
No match for argument: python36-libs Error: Unable to find a match: python36-libs
readline has nothing to do with python - those are two different issues. Please check you have the these installed: yum install -y \ python36 \ python36-devel \ python36-pip
Yes. The readline error aside, I have the above python packages. I do not have the -libs package though and thats what the DependencyInstaller is complaining about